are you a commercial film lab in durham, nc?

nope. while our prices are competitive, and we are local, yellow lab is a diy artist run film lab.

do you guys also sell film?

we might have film stock available. please email us at yellowlab (dot) services (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire about availability.

help, i need my order tomorrow!?!

while we make every effort to turn orders around as fast as possible, standard turnaround times are 1-2 weeks; for services that can be expedited, rush orders of 3-5 days are an additional $100, and rush orders of 1-2 days are an additional $200.

my job is taking longer than 1-2 weeks, why?!

in rare cases, your order could take longer to complete than our standard of 1-2 weeks. those cases include us having to purchase new chemistry or repair equipment, though we will be in touch with that kind of information within 1-3 days of orders submission, so keep an eye on your email.

you processed my film, why is there a tape splice every 50ft?

as per the motion services page, all services involving the processing of 16mm film, the processing equipment used will result in a tape splice at around 50 feet

why don’t you have a price calculator on your order form?

we know. it isn’t very convenient. we are sorry. this is just one of the limitations of creating a website through a free readymade service. we hope you understand. please utilize the calculator app on your computer or phone to determine your order total. we will do the same on our end when receiving your order form.

i’m dissatisfied with the lab results, what can i do?

if yellow lab makes a mistake, we will refund you. if the results you receive are not what you expected, but are a result of standard photochemical processes revealing what was exposed in camera, we are happy to alter chemistry times and printer lights as appropriate, though it will be an additional cost for each additional order.

why are you going to charge me to make me another print that is more blue than the first one you made?

everyone’s eyes are different, and communication through word-based language does not always lead us to see what you see. unfortunately, if (as per this example) the print we made is not as blue as you would like, we will have to charge you for a second print to compensate for materials, chemistry, equipment wear and tear, and time.


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