motion services

standard turnaround times are 1-2 weeks; for services that can be expedited, rush orders of 3-5 days are an additional $100, and rush orders of 1-2 days are an additional $200.

if you need to place a rush on your order, please contact us to inquire about such possibilities at yellowlab (dot) services (at) gmail (dot) com

motion picture film services

$25          s8mm B&W NEG processing (50ft)

$25          s8mm B&W REVERSAL processing (50ft)

$30          s8mm color REVERSAL processing in E6 (50ft)

$30          16mm B&W NEG processing (100ft)

$30          16mm B&W REVERSAL processing (100ft)

$45          16mm B&W one-light contact printing – including processing of print (100ft)

$30          16mm color REVERSAL processing in E6 (100ft)

$50          16mm titles (per title)

$200        16mm optical printing (100ft)

$100        16mm traveling mattes (100ft)

$100        16mm conforming negatives to workprints (100ft)

* all prices are indicative of minimum orders

*** all services involving the processing of 16mm film, the processing equipment used at yellow lab will result in a tape splice at around 50 feet ***cropped-yellowlab.jpg

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